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Stick a fork in it Farshore is finally done! 

Jax flies out and using a clever combination of invisibility, dimension hop, and shatter manages to disable the ballista and long-boat winches on a  couple of the pirates’ ships as they approach.

Honeydew instructs his Zombie Elasmosaurus, picked up while repairing the Sea Wyvern, to smash one of the ships to toothpick sized splinters.  Which it does, while half of the crew fire volley after volley of crossbow bolts into its rotting hide, as the other half of the crew evacuate via the remaining longboats. 

The rest of the party awaits the pirates on the docks.  Make short work of the first couple of longboat loads, but are soon overwhelmed.  The party retreats in poor form to the barricade to help the defenders for a while.  All goes well untill Fireballs start to fall from a Yuanti Sorcerer aboard one of the attacking ships.  Frostia decides to fly out there and do something about it.  So, invisible, and protected from fire, The party’s sorcerer proceeds to wreak havoc among the enemy with lightning bolts, killing one of the Yuanti’s henchmen, a few crew members left to man the ballista, badly wounding everyone else.  The enemy sorcerer, responds first with a fire ball which, of course, does negligible damage then with a Lightning bolt of his own, as his henchmen plug a couple of arrows into Frostia.  On 1 Hp she heals up a bit a heads back for reinforcements.  The arcane archer agrees to go back with Frostia and make short work of those attackers left on that ship. 

 Vathus Vanderboran releases his Vrocks, who drop behind the defenders’ lines and attempt to summon some extra Vrocks as reinforcements, the attempt fails so they shrug and rip into the rear of the defenders.  Our heroes move to engage this new threat, but quickly learn that most of their weapons are useless.  However, both the Paladin and the Rogue have holy weapons, and the Paladin starts to dish out some righteous pain.  

Used to look like this…


Now looks like this…


After the Vrocks have been dealt with, Lavinia’s brother, Vanthus, turns up and tries to convince Lavinia to surrender, when she refuses he uses a spell like ability  Dominate, which Lavinia laughs off. A bit miffed he then uses Mass Suggestion to challenge members of the party to drop weapons and armour and fight him man to man.  Two of out heroes succumb to this mental attack and begin to disarm!

Cleric, honeydew, casts Airwalk to get closer to the flying enemy.  Vanderboran tries one last time Suggest to, the arcane archer that a group of beleaguered defenders need help.  The archer resists once more and continues to fire.  Vanthus flies in closer and attacks with Fear spell effect.  No effect.  Outraged The fiendish captain prepares to attack with melee weapons.

Fortunately at this point the cleric casts Dismissal.  Vanderboran, who is now a half-demon, presumably through some dark ritual, fails to resist the divine magic and is cast into one of the Lower Hells.  His new home plane!  Hah!  So instead of being a Half-Demon on the material plane he is a Half-Human on the demonic plane.  He is in for a Very bad time!  Plus I get to play with a reoccurring villain! 🙂

A little anticlimactic, completely legit however.  This adventure took Much longer than it should have.  Mainly because we kept trying to play the final invasion scene with a kind of squad system….  This did not work out well at all!  Sorry guys, thought it might be cool, but live and learn 0_0.


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Okay, I’m not going to try for a detailed account of every session that has gone since my last update.  Suffice to say the party slew the orangutan demons, rescued Ural Fural, and eventually made it to Farshore.  Just in time to help beat off a Pirate raid.  Lucky!  A captive pirate called Lefty reveals that a Much larger group of Pirates called the Crimson brotherhood is on its way to take Farshore for their own use.  The residents of Farshore have about 2 months to prepare. 

What follows is an intensive program of upgrades to Farshore’s defenses, new towers, a ditch and spikes arrangement around the town, the training and recruitment of extra militia, and arming the general population.  Politically, the hero’s throw their weight behind Lavinia for Mayor, and seek to secure alliances with the Native Olmans and a lemur like people called Phanatons who inhabit the treetops…YUB! YUB!  While doing these things they also secure several powerful Magical items (weapons, armour etc), and return the Gold Bat Statuette that they picked up in the ruins on the way to farshore to the volcano god of the Olmans, who is cranky about its theft and was acting out a bit, you know, spewing ash, earthquakes, that sort of thing.  They also retrieve a cache of beautiful Masterwork weapons from an abandoned Rakasta temple, helping to arm the defenders with some quality weapons.  All in all the preparations for the defense of Farshore have progressed well. 

The party at this time, is attempting to re-float the stricken Sea Wyvern, and get back her back to Farshore in time for the assault.  The timeline says they are cutting things close, however they have taken a ship full of materials,  two work parties  2 skilled carpenters and 2 spell casters with wood shaping spells at their disposal, so they should manage it. 

The group leave the Blue Nixie anchored offshore and take a skiff over to the wreck to scout, and assess the damage to the Sea Wyvern.  As they approach the shore, a huge head breaches the water and munches on the Cleric.  A knowledge nature check reveals this is an Elasmosaurus, (think the Loc Ness monster), a big one. 

The Druid, Percy jumps in to the water and wild shapes into a large shark, as the (new) rogue, Iron Hand, (or is that Iron Head), makes a huge leap from the boat and jams his new Tiger claw/spiked gauntlet into the long smooth neck  and hangs on for dear life.  The Paladin fires his crossbow and wonder of wonders makes a crit. doing over 20 hp damage.  The (new) Dragon Shaman taking advantage of his water breathing ability straps on his shield, draws his flaming long sword and steps over the side into the 10ft deep water that lies between the sandbar the Sea Wyvern is stuck on, and the shore. In his full plate he sinks like a stone.    

The highlight of this session for me though, was Jax’s (Duskblade/Rogue) awesome first move.  Jax dimension hops to just above the dinosaur’s head in an attempt to strike from above with a combined sneak attack/channeled spell, and if he hadn’t rolled a 1 on his attack it would have been awesome.  Instead, it was a spectacular Fail and a bloody good laugh.

Druid changes to a smaller Elasmosaurus and begins a call lightning spell, dinosaur bites the dragon shaman,as he returns the favor from the sea floor.  The Paladin leans out of the boat and stabs the dinosaur as it passes under the boat, and the new Dwarven Cleric (a longbow wielding dwarf called Honydew…Yes I know, a little fey) gets one shot off and them he too plunges into the water.  So we have half the party standing around on the bottom holding their collective breaths, they make their way, slowly to the sand bar where the Sea Wyvern rests.  Since its high tide this brings them to about waist deep water, or shoulder deep in the case of the dwarf.  A Call Lightning spell goes off and it’s not from the party’s druid.  The bolt smacks into the Paladin but does negligible damage.  Small dinosaur Druid releases his Call Lightning Storm spell and finishes off the larger Elasmosaurus.  In the shadows of one of the large holes in the hull of the Sea Wyvern, the Dragon Shaman spots a weird creature, all green and squid…y, who appears to be directing the storm/lightning blasts.  He responds by bathing the creature, and the side of the Sea Wyvern in flame with his breath weapon, a cone of fire.  Now that the true opponent has been spotted everyone has started to wail on it.  Except Jax, who came to the sandbar on the wrong side of the wreck has decided not to do any more swimming in half plate and instead,  just blows a hole in the side of the Sea Wyvern, and makes his way through to where the battle rages.

 What’s one more hole… right?

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